BRINC was established to provide a one stop shop for foreign businesses to open AIFC companies, acquire regulatory licenses and to provide various corporate services from accounting to sales and marketing. We also help applying for C3 5-year Visas and Tax IDs.


Working from abroad with a foreign regulator can be a challenge for many businesses. BRINC provides a bridge between the foreign participant and various departments of AIFC to which over the past years we have built close relationships with, in order to provide a smooth one stop shop service for our clients.


The operators of BRINC have been working with AIFC since the beginning. We were one of the first participants to open AIFC companies in 2017 and 2018 when AIFC officially opened. Since then BRINC has successfully helped to register a number of companies, and delivered licenses for businesses operating in digital banking, e-money, stock exchange etc.

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Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) aims to become a financial hub for Central Asia, Eurasian Economic Union, The Caucasus, West China, Mongolia and Eastern Europe. AIFC is a fully fledged financial centre, which has been operating with the current legal and regulatory framework since January 2018.


AIFC’s 5 main core pillars are: Capital Markets, Asset Management, Private Banking, Islamic Finance and Financial Technology. The components for successful creation of favourable environment include: best legal system (common law), independent regulation, exchange infrastructure, access to SWF management, green finance and best environment. 

Regulatory framework


The regulatory regime at AIFC is consistent with recognised international standards (IOSCO, Basel, IAIS, FATF, etc.) and promotes fairness, transparency and efficiency of the financial market, protection of the interests of investors and financial services customers, minimisation of systemic risk.


Astana Financial Services Authority (AFSA) was launched on 1 January 2018 as the independent regulator of both financial and non-financial services activities in the AIFC. Its functions include: (1) registration and incorporation, (2) authorisation and recognition, (3) policy making, (4) supervision and enforcement.


AFSA licenses a broad range of financial services including investment and asset management, private banking, fund management and administration, providing and arranging custody, islamic finance, and other activities including operating a representative office. AFSA also licenses professional services that support the financial services industry.

AIFC Court and International Arbitration Centre


The AIFC Court provides a common law court system that operates to the highest international standards to resolve civil and commercial disputes in the AIFC. The AIFC Court is separate and independent from the Republic of Kazakhstan judicial system. It has its own court of final appeal, its own procedural rules, a special fast track for small claims, and its decisions are supported by a robust enforcement system within the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Its Chief Justice and judges are among the most experienced and distinguished judges from the common law world with global reputations for absolute independence, impartiality, integrity, unconditional application of the rule of law, and incorruptibility. The International Arbitration Centre provides an independent and expeditious alternative to court litigation and operates to the highest international standards to resolve civil and commercial disputes in the AIFC.


It has its own panel of world leading arbitrators and mediators comprising global reputations for absolute independence, impartiality, integrity, unconditional application of the rule of law, and incorruptibility.  Arbitration awards of the IAC may be enforced within the Republic of Kazakhstan as Court Orders of the AIFC Court and enforcement is supported by a robust enforcement system.


AIFC Benefits


Transactions of AIFC Participants may be denominated and executed in a currency agreed between them. Trades at AIX are to be denominated and executed in a currency specified by the Exchange rules.


AIFC participants are exempted corporate tax income received from providing the financial and ancillary services as well as from capital gains for 50 years (until 1-Jan-2066). Their employees are similarly exempted from individual income tax.


AIFC provides visa waiver up to 30 days for citizens of OECD countries, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and Monaco. Employees of the AIFC Body/Participant and their family members will enjoy special visa regime with extension up to 5 years.

Foreign nationals who are employed by the AIFC Participant or AIFC Body are exempt from the obligation to obtain work permits in Kazakhstan.

The official language of AIFC is English. AIFC Acts, court proceedings, records, all transactions that are committed to writing, responses to requests must be in English.