To enter a new country, a completely new business and regulatory environment, requires various resources, such as time and money. It can be very costly, especially if your focus is to acquire a license from AIFC, but operate the business elsewhere, while trying to comply to all requirements in order to keep the company and license in good standing. Paying our service fee saves you time and money!


1. We help to set up the company for you, without the need for you to come to Kazakhstan.

2. If your business requires a regulatory license to operate we will process it on your behalf, again without the need for you to visit Kazakhstan.

3. We provide your company a physical address to comply the local regulation.

4. Our on-going service guarantees that your company submits all mandatory government reporting, does your company’s accounting, appoints an AIFC approved money laundering reporting officer.

5. Auditing service can be provided if your company requires auditing.

6. We can cater for legal services for both local Kazakhstan law or Common Law, which is used in AIFC.

7. We can provide marketing and sales personnel for your unique needs to promote your products and services in the Russian speaking market (Central Asia, CIS). Most of the Central Asian countries are ‘untouched’ markets, especially for Fintech.

8. AIFC is a zero-tax jurisdiction, meaning that your company does not pay income tax. The zero-tax can also be applied to your foreign employees. We help to get a C3 5-year Visas and Tax IDs for this purpose.

9. We can also help your company to secure funding and list in a stock exchange.

In other words, we provide you a local setup for fraction of the cost that it would otherwise cost you to build it on your own.

How do we do it? We operate through shared resources. You pay only tiny fraction of the minimum obligatory expenses, such as hiring an MLRO, accountant, local manager, renting local office. Through us you get 100% of all your regulatory needs to operate.


It’s a great way to get started with minimum investment and risk. Once you are ready to take it to a next level, we assist in the transition to make sure your business is growing to its maximum capacity.

Contact us now at info@brinc.com, and get your AIFC business up and running!