We offer full accounting services to our clients to get started with their AIFC company. At the beginning even though there would be no activity in the company a mandatory monthly reporting to government is required. We handle all the locally required accounting activities for you so that your company is always in good standing.


Physical Office


We can provide your AIFC company a physical office address, which is part of the local government requirements for all companies. Our address is located at the EXPO premises next to AIFC offices.


Money Laundering Reporting Officer


If your business operates in a regulated industry, you are required by the AIFC rules to nominate a local Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO). MLRO is a position that has certain requirements from AIFC that have to be met in order for the person to be approved by AIFC to act as an MLRO for the company.


As part of our service we can provide fully qualified and AIFC approved MLRO for your business.




We provide legal services for various needs. AIFC has its own arbitration courts, which can be used for any disputes, but depending on the case we can provide local legal counselling or Common Law counselling.




If your company needs to audited, we provide full auditing services by professional auditors. Depending on your company’s needs, such as requirements from the overseas head office, we can tailor a suitable audit package to match your preferences.

Sales and Marketing


BRINC provides various sales and marketing services. Depending on your business needs, we provide a scale of services from online marketing campaigning targeted for Russian speaking markets to dedicated physical sales force to sell your products and services.

Sales and marketing services are very much case specific, so please contact us and we can tailor the right solution to you.

Visa and Tax ID

As AIFC provides a zero-tax jurisdiction for its participant companies and foreign employees, it may be in the interest of the company key people to apply for a local Visa and Tax ID. We cater this service remotely and can help you to obtain C3 category 5-year Visa for Kazakhstan. We will then at this end help to obtain tax ID, called IIN, which gives you Kazakhstan as zero-tax jurisdiction.

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